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The All Booked Up


As an avid reader and book lover, my collection of books is constantly growing (and growing and growing). But I was running out of space, and I'll be honest- I needed some extra cash. What started out as a way to make some extra money by selling some of my books, slowly evolved into a desire to create an online used bookstore- a sustainable alternative to buying new books. ENTER: All Booked Up.


All Booked Up is an online used book store committed to spreading the joy and magic of reading by offering diverse titles at affordable prices. We believe that all books, especially new and popular titles, should be more accessible.


Buying secondhand is an easy and smart way to do some good for the environment. Secondhand books are not only a more sustainable means of consumption and better for the environment, they are also better for your wallet! Consider giving these used books a new home on your bookshelf.


We are so excited for this new adventure and excited to see what the future holds for ABU. Our goal is to grow and engage with the Chicago community and find new ways to provide access to books and promote literacy.

"It's always that way when you're looking at books. An hour goes by in a minute: you don't know where the hell the time went."      - John Dunning

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